(OW2) Filtering and censoring chats by toxic phrases

This idea may be a big of a stretch but report or blocking a player who is toxic as hell is not enough. They say reporting will help ignore or avoid you from encountering that player, but then next game they are there, and they start mocking you by tea-bagging and what not. I know Overwatch 2 detects and filters when someone uses a foul word but words like “die” or “kill” are not filtered. Won’t it be cool if they can also detect phrases as well? I know there can still be loopholes but it’s not bad to hope for something like that. Also, best too if the system detects a negative phrase like wishing for someone to “die” or “kill” themself, the player who said that gets an automatic suspension from playing similar to how people who disconnects or leave game get suspension. This can allow the aggressive player to stand up and touch grass or something.

Sorry if it’s kind of long but in short, I do wish that the report system of the game can be better to actually help and create a safe space in game. Plus QP is getting even more sweaty so yeah ://