Overwatch Skins Costing Too Much

As a new player, I was excited to see what cosmetics I could get and how much they would run me. I am very disappointed. Skins that are years old at this point are being sold to new players in bundles full of useless things such as player icons that artificially bring up the price with no option of buying the skins outright. They claim to be discounted but cost more than the actual skins. Absolutely predatory behavior on Blizzard’s part. Just because the game is free doesn’t mean you need to lock almost all cosmetics behind real cash transactions that will run new players significantly more than even the cost of the original game for only a few costmetics. 3 legendary skins matches the cost of Overwatch 1. Do better Blizzard.


right! i remember having fun grinding the event doing the bonuses for some lootboxes. and being able to get them over time… this pay us 35$ - 20$ per skin… is way more than the game is even worth at this moment. should rename this game to overwatch immortal


Even liking the gameplay, all this predatory practices taking away the will to play the game.


I agree, Overwatch 1, you just grinded a level and got a free loot box or every week, there would be challenges to meet to earn the loot boxes, but this new system in Overwatch 2 basically loses my interest on why I’m playing the game. If I cannot grind it, why would I bother with this pay to play it feature. I took that new Kiriko bundle of 2600 cost and divided by 60 cost of what you could possible earn each week playing and it averages to 43 weeks before I could afford the bundle. Why would I even bother? For those who are impatient, they want you to spend $25 dollars to obtain it. It’s a joke and a ripoff. Poor form and shame on you for doing this Blizzard.

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really? i’ve been playing for hours now. sure i feel pissed off that the cash shop sucks but that never stopped me from playing

thats nice that you still like to play the game. i do too. but you have to realize for people that bought overwatch 1 all these skins were able to be earned in game. now that ability was taken out just so they could monetize it. $25 for the new kiriko witch skin thats only available in the holloween event. they are out of their minds.

I agree too, OW1 was fun because we had the grinding possibility for skin. I just don’t understand that we cannot get any skin for free during the current event. (at least the OW1 skin with some king of random box). In OW2 every interest things have to be buy with money. They are no balance between what we can get for free vs what we have to buy $$$. Skin is the most(almost the only) wanted thing in the games. The cost is way too high to buy more than 2 or 3. I don’t expect to play for long if we don’t see any change in that. What is the goal to play weeks or months if it no way to get anything interesting? Do you really expect from regular player to spend hundreds $ to get only few single skin for each favorites character? Even a long term drop or low drop rate on event will be better that the actual model.

Here is one on Overwatch forums has over 400 likes, so just know there is a lot of people who stand with you

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Apparently much more than 400 lmao

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