Overwatch and Warcraft have the same design flaw

Theres a common design philosophy that isnt getting the job done. I understand WC3 and Overwatch are completely different games made by different teams in different times, but there is a common thread here and that is a lack of support for healer classes, specifically the ability to target allied heroes on the GUI.

Diablo 2 and Guild Wars solved this problem by showing a list of allied heroes by default on the GUI. For Guild Wars its essential as it serves as the party invitation screen as well. that very adequately allows support and non-support players to use abilities on these units in a single click.

Overwatch lacks this feature, and Warcraft 3 is crippled by the same expectation that players need to “Search the entire GUI, with their mouse, for the other player unit to use an ability on” or “use a complex set of keyboard manipulations to achieve this goal”.

Now Overwatch and Warcraft developers may ask, is this really a problem because the way we do it now is “good enough”. Well its good enough if you dont intend on support classes in having any impact on the meta, because their user interface goals are completely different than DPS.

"Why arent allied units allowed in unit groups if they share control? only after they leave the game can you technically group these units?? i feel they are missing a big opportunity for support to target allied heroes by not letting them show up in the unit group interface, because this game is really bad for healer support as it is. this isnt wow or guild wars were you just click the unit name on the screen and cast the spell you have to actually physically find the unit with your mouse and still you dont have all the info you want when doing it this way, its very clumsy. by the way why are “show life bars” not have better filters the same topic: show only damaged hero life bars that you are allied with/not allied with/both. just give us the interface sections that we need its long overdue. just look at how guild wars handles it. and dare I say overwatch has this >>same exact problem<< blizzard is just not in step with how a user interface needs to look. their philosophy is “is it good enough” no no no its not even close. (edited)

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you know the closest thing we had to this “function” is actually in diablo 2, both d2 and guild wars are lightyears ahead of both starcraft and warcraft as far as the GUI goes, warcraft GUI is just sh1t and its amazing that overwatch has this exact same issue. Blizzard south must have a blind spot for this decades old issue, even requiring world of warcraft players install sophisticated mods to make support classes fully functional, something that overwatch players dont even have the option of doing.

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