Overwatch AND COD warzone use CPU instead of GPU

TLDR: Overwatch and COD warzone use CPU instead of GPU

No category truly fit this bug. the bug persist throughout multiple games in the blizzard app. I run windows 10. my graphic card is GTX 1050 ti.

Both Overwatch and Call of Duty Warzone run completely on CPU (70-100%) instead of GPU (0.2%). I think the internal graphic card of my CPU is chosen somehow. This makes COD unplayable and causes framerate drops in overwatch.
I tried fixing the problem in two ways (both failed):

  • I opened the Nvidia control panel and changed CUDA-GPU to my GTX 1050 ti. also i checked that Physx was set to GTX 1050 ti.
  • I opened graphic settings and set both “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and “Moder Warfare Launcher” to high performance.

My graphic card works fine in other applications and videos.

P.S. I am not planning on responding to comments as I just want to make Blizzard aware of the Issue. I’ve read some forum posts and found out other people have had a similar issue, but always within 1 game. This motivated me to post about my problem, as the problem could be bigger than just within a single game (maybe it’s inside the blizzard desktop app?).

Lets hope it gets fixed :slight_smile:


I have the exact same issue too and many others, any fix for this?

I’d point out that when setting a GPU to PhysX, you are DEDICATING that GPU to nothing but PhysX related processes. Meaning your GPU isn’t functioning as a GPU. Hence, the game doesn’t see a GPU and uses your CPU instead.

The Blizzard desktop app has nothing to do with how each game runs. It’s simply a distribution client with social addons.

Your graphics card might work in other apps just fine because they either don’t utilize PhysX at all or can re-allocate GPU’s on the fly.

Tl;dr: If you have a GPU set as a PhysX processor, it will NOT function as a GPU.