Overwatch Account Closure

Hello, I apologize for posting this topic on my alternative account, at this moment I am unable to access my main account’s parental control’s email to allow myself to create a topic from my main account. I want to bring to light my query on the banning process involved in the game Overwatch. My account was closed due to “hacking”; however, I have never used any hacking software in any game ever whatsoever. I was shocked when I received this email since I do not hack. There was no foul-play, please check my games if you think otherwise. I have been asking around about the topic of “unexpected account closure,” and it seems like this is the only way possible to resolve this issue.

I am concerned about two specific current issues at hand:

  1. I am currently playing for a collegiate team as well as a tier 3 team where my main goals are high placements in Tespa & Open Division. Getting an account ban is undoubtedly a letdown on my teammates, the team I represent, and the collegiate team and the college itself that I represent. They understand the unprecedented situation I find myself facing now, and they highly encouraged me to create support tickets in hopes to reclaim my account as well as clear my name. I feel like this ban was uncalled for as I previously stated before, I do not hack or cheat or condone any activity that goes against the Blizzard/Overwatch TOS.
  2. For the past 4-5 seasons, including top finishes in competitive arcade modes, I have been maintaining the T500 role. I have noticed that my account has been removed from all leaderboards. I am afraid that even the Blizzard support team so kind enough to go out of their way to investigate my account and return my account, I would no longer be eligible to receive rewards for S21/Open Competitive Queue S1 as I am no longer in the standings of the leaderboards.

I wanted to state that yes, it is true that previously I had an inappropriate name, and my one violation was the forcing of a name change. With this in mind, I did not change my name yet, and my name was still “Player”. I wanted to ask if I could have been suspected of cheating since my name was very generic, and the chances were that some cheater would have the same name as me in the elo that I was playing in. Please keep in mind the emotional attachment I have with my Overwatch account and my loyalty as a customer to Blizzard since 2016. I was looking forward to bringing this account into Overwatch 2 later this year. Relating to the reason, I decided to post under this “Support Site Feedback” was because I was not receiving any response, even after Blizzard’s stated “usual” response time (24 hours). I submitted two different tickets pertaining to the same issue in 2 different issue categories (Not listed here & Appeal penalty). Keeping everything in mind, I understand the difficulties of working at home during these trying times. With all due respect, I would very much appreciate Blizzard’s support to open an investigation if necessary to prove that I did not hack on my account, or unban me.

On a side note, I looked further into banned accounts, specifically Overwatch accounts, and it seems that my ban is not fully processed. I will leave down below, supporting my evidence in an Imgur album. I wish that the support option of a phone call was still possible to speed up the process, and I am available to do so if a Blizzard support staff would like to communicate. Its a shame to see valued customers, like well-known content creators, for instance, to be able to quickly and efficiently get their account(s) unbanned while ordinary people like me have to go out of their way to voice their issues in hopes to receive attention. If you are reading, I wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to do so, and I sincerely hope this thread finds you well.


imgur .com/a/CMbkENs