Overwatch 2 will not launch

I’m having an issue with Overwatch 2 not launching. I’ve tried all the steps suggested in a similar thread but nothing has fixed it. All my drivers are up to date, Windows is up to date. I’ve made exceptions to it with my antivirus (even though I’ve never had an issue with it before).

When I try to start OW2, it’ll say “Playing Now” but it never comes up. If it does come up in the task manager it doesn’t stay there long. Then after I click “play” I can’t pull up the task manager, can’t open my internet browser. I’m basically forced to hard reset my PC.


Apparently I can’t link the post… but…

Do you use BitDefender? If so there’s a thread referring to a new update that’s causing the game to not launch correctly/at all/super slow.

Any idea where that thread is and if they had a solution?
I have exactly this issue!

Hey rmeas002,

For Overwatch 2 and Bitdefender the thread you are looking for is right here. You can of course start by checking the settings and for any updates on the software before you move forward with disabling it temporarily. But please post in the forum I linked should you continue to have issues as well as to keep an eye on updates.

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