Overwatch 2 Weekly Challenges not tracking progress

I have been playing the game since the day of launch and have been tracking my challenges to try to unlock the battlepass. I noticed something strange with the weekly challenges though, I noticed on “The Best Defense” and “Hold The line” challenges my numbers would be going up and then I would play a game and its like they just reset back to zero and then start tracking that game only. Im just confused because the wording makes it seem like its tracked across multiple games but it doesnt seem to be working like that for me. Im not sure if this is just a bug or if the wording for the challenges is just written incorrectly, If its meant to be for only one game, It should state that to be the case. Its possible I might also be having this issue with the “Cleaning House” challenge as well.


Me to idk how the hell you eat/block 40000 dmg in one game thats crazy

This forum is for feedback about the Desktop Launcher that handles all Blizzard games. If you wish to provide feedback for OW2 you would want to post on the OW forums.

Having the same issue myself. I better get 10k xp by the end of the week.

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I am having the same issue The Best Defense, Hold the Line, and The Real Heros despite having played all 3 classes.