Overwatch 2 PVE Cancelled

I am done blizzard! Last straw for me. I will never give this company another single dollar.
I loved Hearthstone but apparently $800 a year wasn’t enough money and they had to expand the shop and add a battlepass.
Then you release a greedy abomination like Diablo Immortal.
I loved overwatch, but then you took away the ability to earn skins, made the game free and unjustifiably put a 2 on the end and lied to us all. Blizzard should be sued for this level of deception.
Any hope i have for diablo 4 has evaporated. This morally and creatively bankrupt company is a zombified version of it’s former self. The players left are probably only there because of addiction and sunk cost fallacy.
I am done!


I agree, The cancellation of PvE in Overwatch 2 is unacceptable. That was the one gameplay item I was looking forward to and even justified the pre-order pack. Now overwatch 2 is just overwatch 1 with paywalls (even though I paid a full game price for a f2p game). This backtrack is my final nail in the coffin, and I won’t be paying for anything else until it’s tested and proven, because we clearly can’t take you at your word.


Such a big dissapointment again


Jeff warned us! Glad we decided to not play this manipulative cash grab.

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.
  • uhm… re-hire the old team and let them do what they passionately believe in? The brand, business, and shareholders would then make reasonable gains on the shoulders of their success.

this is why I stop giving a dime to Blizzard for years, such a sh!t company, you’re a joke blizzard! literally a bunch of clowns only thinking about money, why did we get 3 years and a half of no content for OW1 forced to play OW2 killing OW1 for this pve contents, just to be pullout at the last minute, utterly pathetic blizzard, never again i will give a god damn dime to blizzard.


To everyone that pre-ordered, I want to let you know that I sympathise. However I have to tell you not to get fooled twice: do not pre-order again. Do not buy their **** because of trust, stop trusting those big corporations.

They don’t want you to enjoy their product, they just want to gran your cash by creating a new service game, poorly executed with the hope you will buy the special foundation pack which gives you 3pixel.

I beg you guys, vote with your wallet.

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I bought the watch point pack and every battle pass since launch. After this news I will never turn the game on again. I have deleted it and will never touch this trash again. You are a worthless company and are liars. I hope people put their foot down and trash the game like me. I hope the game dies quickly😊


So today they added PVE, and you get one free mission. The other’s are locked behind a paywall ($14.99 = 3 missions + 1000coins). In my opinion it’s horrible blizzard cancelling PVE just to release it, but with a price tag. Not to mention the fact of you bought OW1, and get nothing for it (not even trade in “lol”). The game simply doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a true shame and disappointment to see this happening R.I.P. Origins.