Overwatch 2 phone number

I am not allowed to play Overwatch 2 because I have a pre-paid phone plan, which i have used for many years and have had no issues with any other game for verifying the number. I am not going to switch to a contract phone plan just to play Overwatch 2. I invested hundreds of hours into your first game and now i cannot continue to play the game and have fun like i did in the first one because of a phone plan. Not everyone can afford contract plans and you are losing a valued customer and user strictly because of this.


Or people who don’t have a cell phone at all and aren’t going to get one just so they can play overwatch.


well force a chargeback and recover ur money via credit card then, it says u need ph num to play “free games” this is not a free game guess there a bit stupid @ bliz


This phone number rule is an atrocity for “Online gaming” videogames and even more for free games, @blizzard with this move your game is going to become even worse and lonelier


Yeah Same Problem here. The only benefit is to have less smurfs and getting easier rid of cheaters. But being Not able to Play a Game because having only a Prepaid Phone is one of the Most stupid Things i saw from a Game developing company!


Not being able to play due to this has been a huge disappointment. It makes me regret the time and money I spent in the past, especially with the fact that I can no longer play old Overwatch, a game that I payed for mind you.


rather have smurfs then not being able to play the game at all rip, they should at least allow pre-paid, almost everyone has prepaid this is so dumb


Whats even worse I dont even have a pre paid phone and its saying I do lol. What??? Ive had the same number for 10 years now. This was one of the worst launches of any game Ive ever seen. I want my founders pack refunded if I cant even log into the game. A response to this issue would be nice.


Hey, Blizzard, keep up the great work! Thanks for screwing over people with prepaid plans! I’m sure this will be fine and that a lawsuit isn’t possible at all from all this! It’s not like you’re showing favoritism to certain mobile carriers or anything. This is great!

Honestly though, please fix this crap. If you don’t, I have no problem with never using anything Blizzard related again. I paid money for the OW1, and now you’re stopping me from playing OW2? For what? To stop smurfs and cheaters? Well, hell, I’m neither of those. I suck at the game, but I have fun. Am I not even allowed to do that anymore? Fine, I’ll go screw off somewhere else if you really don’t want me to be able to play. Just realize first and foremost just how anti-consumer you’re being in your practices.


Literally the most smoothbrain take on planet earth. Their system doesn’t even support some cell carriers. So even though i have a regular phone plan, i cant play on my account with over a thousand hours because my phone company is unregistered and counts as ‘prepaid’.


I have 2 phone numbers and NONE OF THEM WORKS, it’s freaking amazing how they can screw something that simple. No other game had this happening to me.


It says my phone number is in use in another account. What’s comedic about this is - I log into my account and “add a number”. It then sends me an SMS code, which I type in, and THEN it says my number is in use in another account (I don’t have another account). Hopefully the servers are just messed up otherwise that’s that for me because I am not changing my number and I am sure I won’t convince them that it’s actually now my number, not the previous number of some other account holder. What a debacle.


I am having the same issue. I have been playing OW1 for years but also I buy every thing W.O.W for 14 years. Now I can’t play a “FREE” game after being such a life long customer of Blizzard because I have a Pre-paid sim? What a joke!


I need to change my country and the page doesnt let me do it because it doesnt loads and the tickets made keep dissapearing. How can i change the country in order to put a phone number and try to play?


I came back to check out the new game and find the old gone. Then my authenticator isn’t good enough from back when I played wow. Now my phone number isn’t good enough, because of some post-paid garbage. I’m glad I’m not the only one having this issue but WTF is this bs?


Have same problem, what a load of crap, they need to fix this BS! I already gave them $42 plus for the expansion FFS!


Are you for real Blizzard? A phone number require to play Overwatch 2?? FFS!!! FIX THIS SHIET!


yeah im not playing this until they left the phone number requirement, they dont need my number, and im not giving them anything they dont need.


I think it will be a matter of time before they fix this issue. Most likely the people behind this decision were focused on other less important things and never thought about the majority of people who owned the original overwatch game. I wonder if they set themselves up for a big class action lawsuit, I wouldn’t mind getting my money back and buying a different game.

The most frustrating thing is that I have a phone and I can’t even add it to my account. The phone is not even prepaid or VOIP.

I really hope Blizzard address this problem like they usually do and fix it soon. I just want to play with my family.