Overwatch 2 new loot idea

Back in Overwatch 1 we had loot boxes and could earn them from leveling up and other ways, with the second game this feature was removed and replaced with a shop and a battle pass like most games now. I thought of a idea that is related to loot boxes, but is different. In Overwatch 2 you can level up characters and everything, so i was thinking of a character reward box each time you do so. Let’s say you level up Orisa, when this happens you are given a character loot box that gives random 3-5 Orisa only related loot. It can be anything related to her and if you get something you already own, could give a small amount of credits like in the first game. Whoever you level up, you will get a box that drops loot that only goes for that hero and nobody else. Just a little idea since alot of people missed the loot crates from then.

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