Overwatch 2 Matchmaking

Don’t get me wrong, this game is pretty good and fun with friends. But the matchmaking is HORRIBLE… I win one game and get matched up against the most tryhard sweaty nerds. I do kind of wish this game was more of a skill base matchmaking (Due to me not playing the game in a competitive way [more of a just to play the game kind of way]) or level base matchmaking (This would be impossible rn due to the game being so new and free).

Blizzard doesn’t care about matchmaking. They have no concept of how it works and refuses to do anything about it. The game is broken due to the horrible matchmaking system that is used. When I get 1 game out of 15 without someone that just runs in and dies repeatedly, or a healer that doesn’t heal, or a DPS that can’t hit anything, I’m done with this game until they fix the matchmaking.