Overwatch 2 loot Boxes

Hi to whom it may concern, especially to the higher developing financial management/ marketing strategy solutions team, iv5 been playing overwatch since minute 1. Love the game, however needs a bunch of improvements to bring it back to the glory days it once had. No. 1 The microtransactinism isnt working, never has in any gm never will especially in overwatch especially if your charging 20.00 dollars for 1 skin? You’ve never ever done anything like that in overwatch 1 we had to work & play the gm to earn majority of skins, ppls can’t afford 20.00 dollars a skin gas is 10.00 dollar’s a gallon in some states. No. 2 bring back @least the option in competitive to have 6v6 matches thats what separated overwatch from all other shooter’s Strategy. No.3 if someone ragequits or has a tendency especially in competitive to always lag out that individual should be banned. Not only does it potentially gives other teams a huge advantage but now his team members loose SR points & or go down in rankings w loss. No. 4. Yove promised an actual real campaign story content, are u Goin to make us wait like Halo infinite almost 3 yrs?

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