Overwatch 2 - Highlight Intro Bug

So…I noticed something in-game that I suspect to be a bug. I thought I’d do my part and see if it’s been reported, and if not, to do so myself.

First off, before even describing the bug…these forums are a mess. Took me a few minutes to figure out why there was no ‘new thread’ or ‘post’ option. That is probably on me, for being a forum noob, but maybe have some kind of indicator/header telling you to log in to be able to post? Also, why is there no Overwatch section? Am I in the wrong forums? Is there an OW2 subforum or am I expected to search multiple times and sift thru all the Diablo Immortal Fiasco/ WoW posts to find something relevant to my concern? Nah, thanks.

Anyway, on to the reason for this post. The RANDOM option, under the Highlight Intros always defaults to the generic HEROIC animation. (Yes, I do have other intros unlocked.) I’ve gotten a dozen or so POTG’s the last couple days…this has happened every time. Both Mei and Wrecking Ball. Sorry, I’ve not played other heroes to test.

Anyway, I am not super confident that this will be seen by who needs to see it, as I am unable to figure out where it should be posted. /shrugs I just wanted to help.