Overwatch 2 "failed to connect to server"

Whenever we try to load custom games it always kicks me and my friends out saying “failed to connect to server” We’ve tried updating drivers, checking firewall, and searching online but haven’t found anything


Since the release of Overwatch2, i keep getting “failed to connect to server” messages after 30min-1h of play time. Like i cant even go in the shooting range, but my account isnt disconnected from battle net. and after another 30min-1h pause i can play again for the same amount of time. I’ve tried downloading the game 3 times, checking the files, uploading my drivers etc but the problem never got solved.

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The same thing happens to me, because of this problem, during rating games, it often throws it out of the game and then it’s not possible to connect to the server; and they can’t fix the mistakes.