Overwatch 2: Bring back SR

The new ranking system is confusing, we can only ever very generally tell where we are in a division which makes it very hard to track progress, not to mention ever game feels less impactful now, wether you win or lose.

Adding your percentile within a rank is just going half way, trying to give us as much information as possible without going back to the more clear and concise system of SR.

I believe moving away from the clear numbers was supposedly being used to combat toxicity, but even if that was the case why can’t we see the number ourselves? It doesn’t make any sense to hide our own progress.

This new system was also supposed to decrease the stress of each individual game, but stress is just innate for a competitive game mode, it feels less competitive and even more grindy that before now. At least make an option to see the numbers if you want to, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of a system that worked just fine.

I’m also surprised that I can’t seem to find another post about this, I haven’t met a single person who enjoys this new ranking system, in fact everyone I know adamantly desires the old one back. Maybe it’s just because no one cares anymore, and to be fair I can get behind that, I just wanted to put in my two cents.

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