Overwatch 2 Beta key drop from twitch not activated?

So… I’ve watched 4 hours of stream on Twitch , got my Key , i’ve activated it and only after I re-connected in to Twitch from Battlenet APP , and I don’t have the slide down option in my overwatch game? Help?


I am having the same issue


I’m having the same issue. Nothing is working for me, maybe these tricks might help you two though. go into battle.net, click overwatch, click settings to the right of the play button, click game setting, click beta, switch to beta mode. reinstall battle.net.

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I have the same problem I claimed my drop 6 hours ago and didnt get an access yet pls fix this



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I’m having the same issue here, I have everything connected and received my key yesterday and still don’t have access to the beta in the drop down menu on the client not sure what to do.

Is Saturday and has no beta access. Got everything linked to twitch and my blizzard account and nothing yet.

Currently Monday, I have no access to the beta dropdown yet either and have had both accounts linked and everything.

Same problem, I watched 4h of stream and activated my key but nothing.