Overwatch 2 beta crash workaround

Problem: game was not playable with reproducible freeze (needed to sign out of Windows via ctrl-alt-del) with rapid slowdown (fps drop from 70 to the teens) followed by freeze in the Overwatch 2 beta client ( right after entering a game (a few seconds after hero selection, in training, quickplay, or custom game).

Workaround: I found this went away when I switched from fullscreen mode (my default) to borderless windowed, after which the game ran smoothly for hours.

I just tried switching back to fullscreen via Alt-Enter and the game continues to work for a match. I haven’t tried stress testing.

Possible interactions:

  • GPU shader cache
  • lazy loading of assets at game time
  • freesync screen driver with custom game profile

i3 - 8GB ram - Radeon 460 4GB - MSI freesync monitor with “gaming OSD” software installed and configured to fast response time and color profile in gaming mode.

Finally found someone who is facing the same issue as i am. But even after i tried going from full screen to borderless windowed, it still seems to freeze after 30 seconds and crashes everytime. I do not have any fps issues tho. Neither in Overwatch nor in Overwatch 2. Any suggestions on how i can fix this freezing and crashing issue?