Overwatch 2: Arcade Leaver Issue

It is impossible to win games in arcade mode in OW2 to get the weekly challenge because people just leave when they start to lose. It feels really bad to be winning in some head to head games and then so many people leave that the game “terminates from not enough players”. Why is that a thing? If people leave it should reward the people who stayed with the WIN. Please Blizzard fix this! It was unfair/unfun in OW1 and still is.

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Are you sure it’s not just people (like me) being disconnected from the servers mid-match? You get put in a queue of 2000 people, you can’t just jump back in after getting disconnected.

Some people might be leaving but if half the team gets discoed they probably decide it’s pointless.

No, it’s the same thing that people did in OW1. If you play games like deathmatch, people who realize they won’t make the top half of the board leave since they get no reward. Then the game get’s “cancelled”. They don’t all leave at once, it’s like the one or two each few minutes.

This is out of control. EVERY game, when someone thinks they’re losing, there’s one or two leavers. Backfill doesn’t happen for a LONG time. Makes the game ridiculous, I no longer want to play

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