Overwatch 2 Applying Update Bug

I just got an 8 hour ban from the ‘Applying Update’ bug going around where I had to restart game as it got stuck. This is the third time it’s happened and I got put on cooldown everytime, this time for 8 hours. I need to be unbanned because I get like 2 days a week where I get to play with and talk to my friend and I shouldn’t have to miss out on it tonight because of a bug from your game. My name is SirLagginton and I really need this issued sorted please.


This has happened to me too! Not 8 hours but that’s so crappy! Fix it Blizzard! The only way to exit the bug is to exit the game, it’s ridiculous that we have so sit and wait to play because they decided we can’t, it also marks against us as having left the game in ranking!

Yes! This bug has been prevalent since last update. I routinely play one game of overwatch every morning and once joining the game I also see this “Applying update” screen. Have been removed from every game for the past 3 days.
Blizzard, we are being punished in game via a coding bug. Please do us right and remove/wipe the penalty’s from the accounts that have been affected.

Hi all,

This issue is under investigation… please refer to the Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 28, 2023 - Bug Report - Overwatch Forums :

Current Issues

  • NEW - We are investigating an issue where Tuesday’s Hot Fix update is not properly applying for some players. At this time we do not have an ETA on resolving the issue.
    • To work-around this issue, we recommend that players enter the training mode prior to queueing for any game mode, at the start of each session. Thank you for your patience and we’ll be sure to update the Known Issues list once this has been resolved.

Do try the workaround suggested in that topic.

Best of luck in your games !

4-May-2023: Blizzard has now published this Breaking News on this issue:

This forum is for reporting bugs in the Desktop App (aka, the “Launcher”)… for issues in Overwatch, please use the Overwatch forums:

Just got an hour ban, this is the second time it has happened to me, both times in Competitive. I am terrified from it to happen again, reading there’s 8 hrs and even 24 hrs ban!!!

I am seeing this issue has at least a week and they have not fixed it??

Cannot believe it.

I can rarely start a game without getting an “applying update” splash on entering a match that never completes.

Never completes. I let one run as I left to do errands, came back hours later, still stuck.

I’ve uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled the application. Worked for half a day. Each time it happens I get suspended for longer and longer durations which is awesome.

Why are clients being updated at match instead of game load? Whiskey tango foxtrot?

The same thing happened to me. I tried to play comp and it said (Applying Update) and it didn’t put me in the game. Instead of just not play I tried again and again and now I’m banned for the season and can’t get in contact with blizzard. And if blizzard sees this my name is gr3atwh1te09 on overwatch. This glitch is pissing me off