Overwatch 2 API

Hi Blizzard Devs,

I wanted to ask if there will be an API for Overwatch 2 when the game is released?

I am aware that there currently isn’t one available for overwatch 1. However, I’m asking if there is any plan to set one up for overwatch 2. If there isn’t, I am more than happy to help set one up.



Seconded, an OW2 API would be amazing and help contribute to this game staying alive, by allowing the community to make better resources and tools for it.


What sort of data would you be looking for?

Defnintely they need an API at this point.
For now, just player stats
Really annoying to use a web scraper on their career overview endpoint


I’d love to see an API that provides real time game stats. I think the opportunity to have either live web streams or companion apps that provide scoreboarding & interesting stats could be huge.

A lot of PC players have 2 screens on the go, I think there’s a missed opportunity to fill the second screen!

Also, an app that has stats etc could be a great way to keep players engaged even when they’re not playing.

If you make a public API available, count on me to be engaged and build things around it!


Would love to see an API as well. Some ideas:

  1. Creating and modifying custom games via an API. Developing and maintaining custom games would be so much simpler.
  2. Player stats. Provide an API to retrieve player stats and display in overlays during streams and competitive events.
  3. Maps, ranks, cosmetics. Expose game data to allow external developers to build extensions and further enhance the game.
  4. Replays. Allow deeper integration for recording games using external tools that would promote creative and high quality videos on youtube.



Would love to see an endpoint to get the current scoreboard data of a certain match. Would be much easier than having to tinker around in memory.


Hello there,

I am a data scientist and I’d be very happy to help with some part of the implementation.

Basic data retrieval service about your matches, your performance or stats.
Maybe access to a certain degree of historic information, to have the ability of tracking performance on matches over time.
Pretty much anything that involves live streaming data would be amazing.

If you have the data stored, (at least periodically) then its just a matter of cleaning it and presenting it.

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I want to create a personal scoreboard in the form of a website where scores are displayed in real time.

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When I played OW1, I made a simple app to track my own SR, and then I added a web interface, so my friends can track their SR as well. It was nice to be able to see how my SR changed through a single season and compare it to previous seasons.

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i would love to be able to build a dashboard for my buddies and i to track our progress, so stats to begin with (player, match, etc), but i would love to see all of the aforementioned usages as well. huge plus 1 from me.