[Overwatch 2] Account Ban Appeal

Hi guys i was recently banned from overwatch for either behavioral issues (only 1 strike on my account in the past), afking/greifing (i have never done this i only play comp), or queueing with a known cheater (i have never cheated or queued with anyone i knew was cheating and i have gone back and even vod reviewed people who had “sus” moments). How long will it probably take to appeal? Will i ever get my account back? I would just like to know because I know i havent done anything worthy of an account permanent ban.

Take the L boy and make a new account and be a good boy next time.

its all automated you will never get a response from a real person and if you do they will basically send you a link to the TOS with no proof of anything, been going on for awhile and its a complete disgrace to gaming in general. uninstall their products and never look back.

just had the same happen although for me it’s only a temp ban.
I have a feeling I know why/due to whom I got reported (which was total BS). and it sure looks like the support is just an automated chatbot linking the TOS but with a timer to annoy you or turn it off during the weekends.

I have asked multiple times to explain the exact reason and outline the exact TOS agreements which were broken by me and they just keep linking the TOS. Blizzard support is a disgrace.

They won’t read it and you’ll only get blizzard fanboys calling you out. Doesn’t matter what you got banned for. Blizzard doesn’t care. They hate their players and only want money.

Yeah, unfortunately the blizzard support team doesn’t care about the gamers that put money into their company. Good luck trying to get any reasonable feedback or support. They simply could care less. Hopefully you will find better support elsewhere.