OTP/Code is not receiving on my phone


I have trying to add the phone number in my account but could not be able to do so because i can’t receive the sms, below are some troubleshooting steps i have performed and still not luck

1: Change my sim into another phone
2: Restart the phone obliviously
3: Check my spam and block number details there’s nothing added
4: Contact my provider to look into but sms is fine receiving from other platform such as google tested there
5: Contact support live chat they can’t help says the system is not accepting or have some bug
6: The number is pakistan and region on my profile is also the same

Can you please look into this I have been asking around and found another friend of mine is facing the same issue, looks like system issue if you required more details i can provide it or plz give us the option of call to get the code.

Looking forward a reply

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I’m facing the same and their response is always can get from FAQ. Not sure they whether really trying to solve our issue. I doubt is our phone provider issues because I have tested with other phone number and it receive OTP. The OTP was able to be receive past few days and then now unable to receive anymore. I think Blizzard should test their OTP system properly instead of dodge their responsibility. Don’t they know the OTP is crucial for us if unable to receive cannot even login the game and spent so much on the game. Simply giving FAQ answer to us after we raised the ticket.

i feel you mate i haven’t played for a week and i submitted multiple ticket with no results.
i can’t seem to find a workaround for the otp system i’m losing hope.

PLEASE HELP ME. I PURCHASE COD MWII (2022) FROM [BATTLE.NET](http://BATTLE.NET). I got my region changed from USA to PAKISTAN. But I am unable to get verification code on any PREPAID OR POSTPAID. I contacted Blizzard support as well and they told me to contact network provider (JAZZ) . So I contacted the Jazz helpline and they replied that its not network issue. My postpaid sim was converted from prepaid to postpaid for this purpose. What should I do now?

Dear Avenger, I am also from Pakistan and facing same issue. Did your problem got fixedor not? if yes , how? please help me out

Same with me i tried setting up my phone number . But non of the phone number i enter work . have tried 4 different network type .No SMS recieved