Order off of the UK site, NOT US

I’ve ordered, sadly… And they let me fill in my details only for them to take my incorrect address of my paypal… I couldn’t contact them for days because their costumer service sucks. They don’t email back, the site has some really out of date content and you can’t rate them anywhere.

This is my transcript of my chat with their costumer service…

(2020-11-10T18:28:27.830Z) Roxanne (censored last name) :Roxanne (censored last name) has joined the chat.

(2020-11-10T18:28:33.681Z) System: Hello Roxanne (censored last name) - thank you for contacting us. Please give us a moment while we connect you to one of our service specialists!

(2020-11-10T18:28:51.737Z) Chantalle: Chantalle has joined the chat.

(2020-11-10T18:29:28.506Z) Chantalle: how may i help you today?

(2020-11-10T18:29:38.843Z) Roxanne (censored last name): Hey, I’ve ordered via Blizzard Gear Store and filled out my address and my phone number but when I paid it actually took my address and phone number off my PayPal account which is NOT up to date. I don’t understand why the site lets me fill in my address + phone number to not use it? I’ve tried to get in contact with you guys for days, this is my first success.

(2020-11-10T18:31:27.482Z) Chantalle: oh no, i am sorry and yes with paypal it will switch

(2020-11-10T18:31:36.131Z) Chantalle: whats the order number and the address

(2020-11-10T18:32:02.698Z) Roxanne Boekkooi: the right address or PayPal address?

(2020-11-10T18:32:12.125Z) Roxanne Boekkooi: Ordernumber: (censored)
(2020-11-10T18:33:25.349Z) Chantalle: right address

(2020-11-10T18:33:55.779Z) Roxanne (censored last name): (censored address)
(2020-11-10T18:34:20.582Z) Roxanne (censored last name): right phone number: (censored)

(2020-11-10T18:36:28.930Z) Chantalle: (censored) is the zip ?

(2020-11-10T18:36:40.932Z) Roxanne (censored last name): (censored) is the zip, yes

(2020-11-10T18:37:24.668Z) Roxanne (censored last name): (censored) is the city, (censored) is the state.

(2020-11-10T18:37:55.026Z) Chantalle: okay i updated it

(2020-11-10T18:38:05.283Z) Roxanne (censored last name): great , thank you!

(2020-11-10T18:38:43.934Z) Chantalle: if the item that has been shipped out don’t get the correction on time we would have to report that as lost. please contact us back if so

(2020-11-10T18:38:48.875Z) Chantalle: you’re welcome

(2020-11-10T18:39:04.465Z) Roxanne (censored last name): has an item been shipped?

(2020-11-10T18:39:20.010Z) Chantalle: yes 3

**note, 4 had shipped so she didn’t even give me the right information **

(2020-11-10T18:40:04.122Z) Roxanne (censored last name): Oh no… how can they ship it when it hasn’t a correct shipping bill? It took 2 adresses and mixed it…

(2020-11-10T18:40:42.256Z) Roxanne (censored last name): Is there an email I can email if there are any troubles?

(2020-11-10T18:47:59.414Z) Roxanne (censored last name): Since 3 were shipped, I believe I’ve read in an email that I should’ve received an email with the tracking number, isn’t that correct?

note how long she ignored me

(2020-11-10T19:03:29.387Z) Roxanne (censored last name): Roxanne (censored last name) has left the chat.

note, she threw me out of the conversation

(2020-11-10T19:03:29.387Z) Chantalle: Chantalle has left the chat.

If anyone wants to order from Blizzard Gear Store, I’d recommend the UK site (it has www3. instead of www.).

I will never order from the US site again.

If you take anything from this post as a costumer, go to the UK site their support is amazing.
If you take anything from this post if you are a blizzard employee, update your site, fix it and fix your costumer service, let people review their chats afterwards.

This is truly unacceptable.