Option to disable video autoplay

Autoplaying videos are one the most annoying things on the internet, so there is no sane reason not to include an option to disable this autoplay in the launcher. At least have the autoplay stop after playing it the very first time.


This has always been extremely obnoxious but with the beta the auto play videos are even bigger and more annoying.

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Agreed. Just wanted to add my voice for an option like this. Run through once then pause. The new interface is cluttered enough. Some of us would prefer an even more minimalistic approach.

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also the videos that play do not take in to account the Very First Setting. when you open the setting first thing i check is what language i am using. i am on English(US) so why dose it matter that i am in Dubai and so all the videos are not in English(US) i get that it is easy to assume a language based on location but what is the point of the setting if it dose not get considered.

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Yes, why is this not possible? I find them extremely annoying.

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it’s not only annoying but also a waste of power, memory, and network bandwidth.


A year later and this is still not a feature. This program autoplays videos every time I open Battle.net and it just makes me want to use Steam more.

I don’t have any videos playing. You sure talking about the Beta client?