"Oops!" error in Authenticator

Recently bought a new phone and while trying to migrate Bnet mobile app to it I’m getting the “Oops! Something went wrong” error only in the Authenticator section of the app. I’ve tried everything listed in the most relevant support article I could find (336366), but none of that worked. I’ve had no problems logging in on the app after reinstallation, just the issue in the Authenticator section. As far as I can tell my old physical token isn’t still associated as it was removed during the initial push of mobile app migration (it’s suggested in that article as a common cause of this issue. Android (14) is up to date insofar as my device manufacturer has pushed out updates. I still have the Authenticator working on my old device though since it no longer has cell service it’s a bit of a pain juggling them to play anything or to manage my account. I thank you all in advance for any guidance you may provide.