Old Desktop Layout?

I just got the new layout for the app and I hate it, looks nice but for one this thing’s window is too big for my computer’s resolution, is there a way to just get the old one back?


i just talked to a GM and he said we arnt allowed to have the old version of the blizzard app UI. they have changed it on us, and even taken away games from the launcher. i cannot find starcraft 2 or starcraft 1 on the launcher. the games that are available for purchase r no longer there or visable, and the new UI is total bogus. they do not give a revert option and we apperently just have to live with this new f***ed up setup of a launcher. u can thank blizz allu want. but dont get banned for it.

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The desktop app can be resized… just like any Windows app. Make sure you’re not in Maximized mode and drag the top, bottom and sides to resize the window. See item 3 of the [FAQs] New Battlenet Launcher App Feb – 2021 .

You can add games to the favourite bar; see item 4 of the [FAQs] New Battlenet Launcher App Feb – 2021 to learn how to do it.
… and yes, StarCraft Remastered and StarCraft II are still there… as you can see on this screenshot :

Not true – you don’t really think that Blizzard would miss an opportunity to advertise its products do you. Click on the ALL GAMES button and you will get a list of all the Blizzard and Activision games.

I’m not going to comment on the remainder of your post… except to say that you should read the FAQ and learn about the new interface.

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