Offline physical copy D2 Resurrected?

Any idea if there will be an offline physical copy for D2 Resurrected?

Physical copy? No.

Offline mode - yes.

You will have to authenticate online once and then can play offline as much as you want. Eventually if enough time goes by that you don’t get online for updates or whatever, then it might ask you to get online again to refresh the auth, but that is it.

There is no mandatory online only mode.


Why no Resurrected MAC OS version ? I bought original D2 + expansion and can’t re-download, Option is gone ! Blizzard is really shafting us.

Correct. Blizzard does not support Macs for most games anymore. They posted about removal of Mac Support for the original D2

Alright, because i was not able to play SC1 remaster when i did not had internet, because i had to login to start the game from the app, hence i asked this question.

I do, however hope they can make it in such way you don’t have to start the game from only, which is a problem.

I checked the downloads page and they are still there:

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He means on Mac. Diablo 2 on Macs is not supported anymore. Check the link I posted to Classic Tech Support.

Ah, on Mac, I see.

Is this confirmed by Blizz? I can play offline if I want or need to?

Well, they did say it repeatedly during the Deep Dive panel yesterday.

  • Old D2 will stay exactly as it is on the original Bnet.
  • New D2R will have almost all the same features.
  • It will have offline mode - you have to log in to authenticate the license once, but can then play offline. It may eventually ask for an online license check again, but not for a long time.
  • Offline and online modes don’t mix.
  • No more character expiration on the servers. So even if you don’t have reliable internet you can safely play online without risking a char expiring due to failed log in. Enjoy playing with friends during times you can.