Offline mode with error BLZBNTBGS80000011

On May 5, 2024, I reinstalled the Battlenet application, tried to log in with my username and password, but it gave me an error about the inability to connect to the servers and the code BLZBNTBGS80000011. I thought, maybe some work is being done on the servers, okay, let’s wait. Just in case, I made a support ticket. They responded on May 9, 2024, and suggested a standard set of actions: uninstall the application, clear the cache, clear IP and DNS. I did all the procedures, nothing changed. The fact is that all other programs and service stores work. No application on my computer has problems accessing the Internet. Except Battlenet. I can install Diablo 3, but I can’t enter the game. I can install Starcraft 2, but I can’t enter the game. Technical support apparently cannot help. Has anyone encountered what kind of problem this is? Literally a week ago everything was working, here on you, everything broke off, out of the blue, out of nowhere.

Try changing your DNS and see if that helps. Also, can you specify the type of connection you’re using?

and of course I tried to change the DNS as recommended to me by technical support. I wouldn’t peck off people on the forum, including you, if everything worked out for me.

in the IP4 parameter I tried setting DNS and, then I also tried and
Of course, reboot the computer for the actions to take effect. But alas, nothing helped me. Apparently i will still have to reinstall the entire system. But I just started playing through Horizon Zero Dawn and the Outer Worlds :cold_sweat:

Internet type meaning is it* cable, DSL, fiber, 5G, etc?

oh, sorry
cable type

Are you using security software that implements a VPN? This would cause login issues.

no way. My country prohibits the use of VPNs, I don’t use a VPN and, to be honest, I don’t even know how to use one.

At this point, I recommend reaching out to your ISP to find out if they are also blocking Blizzard’s services. I know some countries have connection difficulties stemming from needing to use routes that traverse other countries, so that may be the case here.

The fact is that I tried to log into my account through the battlenet application on other computers. With friends. And there were no problems. The problem is specifically on my platform. I probably suspect there is a need to reinstall Windows, but I wanted to get help from smarter people than me. In any case, okay, it’s clear, you can’t help, because

  1. my account is easily and simply activated on other PCs and other Battlenet applications.
  2. I corrected and updated DNS and IP in all available ways and nothing helped, I need to completely demolish the system.

In this case, the last question: How often do I need to log into my Battlenet account so that it doesn’t get blocked. I just heard that you need to log into Ubisoft Connect at least once every 2 months so that your account and all the games purchased on it are not blocked, but how often do you need to “prove” yourself at Blizzard?