Not receiving SMS code

Hi! I’m new to and I’m trying to play OW2 but I need to verify my phone number but I can’t receive any SMS messages from Blizzard (I can still receive messages from others). I’m from Vietnam so I use (+84).

This forum is for community based troubleshooting for technical issues affecting the Desktop Application itself. For anything account related it is best to put in a ticket.

Click your name at the top right of this page, click support, click contact support.

Include details of what you are experiencing, where in the process you are experiencing the issue, what steps you have tried to resolve the issue and include any error codes, or messages you see during the process. You can include screenshots of what you are seeing as well if that may help. I also recommend including the number you are trying to add to the account (In ticket not here on the forums) so one of our agents can look into that further with you.

I’ve opened a ticket but they’ve directed me to Live Chat, which I can’t access, so I’ve come to the forums to search for answers

Can you help me with a issue? I changed class from BK to Barb and the gear stayed BK. Can you guys fix this?

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