Not friends long enough to by gift

I’ve run into this now twice recently, once for my brother and once for a friend from work. Seeing as I’ve had my account for probably 15 years or so isn’t there a way to flag me as safe? I’m a member of a rapidly growing gaming community and I love to gift. I give steam games out like candy at halloween so we can play together and have fun. Getting kind of annoying running into this problem with Blizzard games I want to introduce to people and get them engaged etc.


I just ran into this problem myself trying to buy a game for my nephew…
As if I haven’t known my own nephew long enough outside of their platform… this is a very dumb and overly parenting policy.

I think Blizzard, as a company with very questionable values, should not try to parent anyone of their customers.

For both of you there’s security and safety reasons. This can also be the case of what settings friend/child has on. Blizzard isn’t parenting anyone they know children/older kids play thier games its only natural to give extra protection against threats. They do have parenting controls for the parents to use for thier children with helpful articles.

Buying a gift isn’t the samething as buying a gift from a store. Search It seems like you both beleive you shouldthe forums and the web on how gift to a player through blizzard work. Also the policy on it.

Blizzard isn’t Steam so they do stuff differently.

If the problem is indeed you both can’t send gift for some reason and your child/slbing allow it by the settings they have. Then its best to go to the tech side of the forum to get it reslove or sumbit a ticket to get it reslove. Best of luck to both of you.

You are an absolute knob lol. Just be quiet and let adults speak. has a long history of arbitrary, careless, and stupid rules and this is absolutely one of them. I was hoping the company would have evolved a bit with the parenting routine but clearly it hasn’t.