Not deploy Warcraft III

After clotting not deploy Warcraft III with patch with directx 12 in windows 10. Answer, help here please, i not can create topic in section Technical-support because of message “You must own WarCraft III to post on this forum.”.

You must own Warcraft III REFORGED to post it that forum. If you are playing the original Warcraft III, you can post here in legacy games.

If you have difficulty with launching the game after installing, there could be driver issues with your computer.

You can try to launch in “windowed” mode.

Right-click and choose Properties on your desktop icon. In the Target line, add “-window” so that it looks like this:

“C:\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe” -window

To me Intel Pentium Gold G6605 CPU with integrated video core. I tryed, but i don’t want launch Warcraft III in “windowed” mode. To me Warcraft III it’s folding, but it’s not unfolding (not deploy) reverse.