Northrend Heroic/Epic Upgrades Removed with No Warning

They removed the Northrend Heroic/Epic Upgrades from the Shop without any warning what-so-ever.

Even the TBC upgrade editions (Dark Portal Pass) got a 2-month warning before it was removed. Actually, the TBC upgrades were 50% discounted on the Shop during Wrath Classic Pre-patch and both upgrades OVERLAPPED on the Shop for those 2 months before the Dark Portal Pass was removed.

Please re-add the extras from the Northrend Heroic/Epic Edition Upgrades back to the Shop! (We don’t care about the boost from the package now that there’s the Cata boost, we just want to purchase the items!)

[This topic also exists in the Wrath Classic Forums, but I entered a ticket on the subject and was advised by the GM to also add one here.]

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I was recently looking for this upgrade because I wanted the mounts. Couldn’t find anything on it till I stumbled on your post. SMH. Poor job announcing the removal Blizzard, very poor. I’m assuming by the way this was done that this particular upgrade didn’t sell very well. I would also still like the ability to aquire the items. Hopefully the items from this upgrade will find their way to the Trading Post.