Nonexistant Customer Support

When did customer support become so trash? It used ot be you could get a dm live chat anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours. Live chat on the website, aswell as being able to call customer service to get help. we’re stuck to a 100% automated phone number, and the website which locks you into “this is your problem this is your answer” topics which don’t help, and you can’t even make a ticket for something that isn’t listed in their narrow ticket options. And then after all of this, customer support will send you a link to something that doesn’t help, and in addition to that, give a generic response that doesn’t help at all in the slightest. Why did they decide to move from customer service that actually helps to not having any?


I agree 100%. They don’t even look at what you did so if enough people report you you can get banned without even doing anything. Blizzard has really went downhill in the last few years.


The question should focus on the solution to this matter.
The solution is easy but the way to the goal is far away.

They have their internal company guidelines focused wrong.
Blizzard should switch out it’s leadership (on many levels).
Blizzard should start with basic support once again.
Blizzard should continue to SIDEBYSIDE learn AI/SUPPORT a couple of years more before doing the exchange. Their mathematicans and coders are using their algorithms wrong.
Blizzard should take away the players rights to act referees.
The percentage of players (referees) are below 15 years old and base their fact on twitters. Just hilarious how this system is up and running.