No sound in wow but can play Spotify

So idk where to put world of Warcraft issue in these list since all they have is low list of limited topics for bug report but I’ll explain the issue.

So I was playing mist of tirna and I was in the maze part and all of the sudden my in games sound went out which idk why because I can hear discord beeping in the background assume an restart games would solve it.

After I finish the dungeon I restart my games it didn’t works. so I restart my pc that also didn’t works, and I also ask the guild they told me to disable the addon in games and I even try logout and disable them from there too no luck.

I also try the blizzard issue with resetting the games see if that reset the audio but that didn’t works but idk what else to do tho?

I even try some googling but blizzard keeping saying troubleshoot but if I can hear discord beeping and Spotify music playing with slipknot yelling “psychosocial” then it not me then it something to do with the games.