No one should play overwatch 2

Its simple, they are literally demolishing the game and spitting in the faces of every player who knows better.

First they criticized the OTPs (and for good reason) but now that they desperately want money, theyre locking “the most engaging” part of the game (new heroes) behind a battlepass under the guise of “majority of the time, players dont swap. They only play around a few characters they know”.

The primary issue with that idea is simply because META IS HOW THIS TERRIBLE GAME FUNCTIONS! OF COURSE PEOPLE ONLY PLAY AROUND A FEW CHARACTERS! BECAUSE BLIZZARD MADE EVERY OTHER CHARACTER WORSE THAN THOSE FEW CHARACTERS! So now they want us to be okay with playing only a handful of heroes because nobody wants to play this game 24/7 like when it was actually fun to play.

Oh and they think that just because they wont allow new characters in comp for 2 weeks that everything is just peachy. Bro, i can barely force myself to play this game sober most days, weeks, and even months sometimes. I havent enjoyed comp without making a 6 stack and all of us just throwing in over 2 AND HALF F***ING YEARS.

Im not completely against a battle pass in the slightest, honestly its a good way to keep people wanting to play, but locking 1/3 of the game that actually effects how teams cooperate and play behind the battle pass is just not right in any way. A battle pass should only ever be for skins, looboxes, premium currency, and other cosmetics (like weapon skins which were never introduced).

One could argue that Call of Duty’s battlepass having unlockable weapons (which are comparable to heroes in OW) is against my entire point, however, those are always in the first QUARTER of the 100 level battle pass. Having weapons that hardly ever effect the game for longer than a few weeks is simply NOT comparable to a whole character with a unique set of abilities that can completely counter other “free” characters for however long it take our notoriously Dogsh*t developers to inevitably nerf that character because whose ever heard of buffing characters who desperately need it to not be an utter waste of a teammate slot.

Even though id like to play the game, Overwatch is simply not worth the time of my life to grind boring and frustating match after match after match just to get a character that lets me play on the same playing field as everyone else.

I implore all who read this to not even open overwatch 2 on October 4th. Either let the game die or let Blizzard continue to be absolute shills.

-sincerely, someone who actually spent $40 for beta access like an idiot.