No one at Blizzard actually looks at them. Why?

I understand customer service representatives are just normal people doing their job, and that there are corporate policies in place with regard to interactions with customers, but it is bizarre to me that in the process of seeking support for connection issues, Blizzard asks you to supply tracert, DxDiag, and MSInfo files, and then completely ignores them.

I put in multiple tickets, even to the point of just asking someone to acknowledge that these files exist and that they asked for them, and customer support completely ignored any reference to them repeatedly, and then finally sent me an account warning, all via completely generic auto-generated responses.

Why is this policy in place?

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I have not seen any Blizzard Tech Support replies on the various game Tech Support forums since the Microsoft merger and layoffs that happened in January. I honestly don’t know if that Tech Support still exists after the purge or not. It may be that the support articles are outdated and Microsoft has eliminated Tech Support.

You can try posting those files on the Tech Support forums for the game, which allows fellow players to help you troubleshoot the connection. They can help you see if it might be your local network at home, local ISP infrastructure, larger regional ISP issue, or even internet backbone issues.

The warning you got, is what the GMs do if they feel they have given you what info they can, even if that info is “we can’t help with that”. If you keep asking the same thing over and over they consider it GM harassment eventually.

Thanks for your reply. I totally get that due to cutback limitations, they might be unable to provide anything further than what they gave me, but I just wish they would have even acknowledged what I was saying rather than a repeated, generic, auto-generated response. Even just saying “sorry for the system asking you to run those traces and provide those files, but we are no longer able to analyze them…” rather than completely stepping around references to them repeatedly.

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