No offline mode for gameplay without internet connection

for all the money that we spend on these games, there was no way to play our games without an internet connection oh, this is absolutely horrible, even the Steam App has an offline mode and you can play games without being connected to the internet. Maybe Call of duty Black ops 4 should have went with Steam instead huh. I bought the very best edition of Black ops 4, now all of a sudden just because I don’t have an internet connection oh, there is no way possible that I can play my game that I spent my hard-earned money on oh, this is Absolutely Unacceptable!!!


Totally agree, if I had of known I couldn’t play offline before I bought it I never would have. I live in a remote area and my connection is iffy at times. Should have stayed with Steam, Blizzard is garbage, always has been.


You have NO idea how heated I am. I live in an area as to where I don’t have access to WI-FI. I downloaded this MONSTER of a game which is Modern Warfare. which mind you was $60!!! You would think, with all of that money spent and time waiting for the game to take up the rest of my hard drive, that I would be able to play completely offline. No? wow. Money wasted. I cannot believe the Blizzard app does not have a functioning offline mode!! Evidently this has been a problem for years. and every time I look on a forum the support claims that “they are working on a fix” LIEEES. LIE LIE LIE. This is nothing short of a scam in my eyes. I was so excited for the campaign of this game, but of course, another crappy game app thinks that I don’t own the game or something?? This “authentication” bs is not worth my time. There NEEDS to be a fix implemented or they will see less and less business for people who are like me, without internet for extended periods.


Same! i even buy most games twice, for xbox and pc, and the games support offline play on the xbox but not on pc since it immediately closes if it cant connect to battlenet! disgusting! if the game is capable, and provides the service on ALL OTHER PLATFORMS, why doesnt battlenet? every other launcher i have has offline mode, and the games work as long as the launcher has valid login creds. this is obviously done on purpose in battlenet, and they give no reason or excuse. the only possible reason is so they can collect endless amounts of our PRIVATE personal data for sale/exploitation, which is exactly what they take every measure to prevent us from doing to them… its corporate terrorism. shame