No legendary gems on Diablo Immortal Spanish servers

I find it unfortunate that after getting platinum saves, we cannot buy gems in the market or in the Blizzard store because there is no stock.

  • Gems are being sold at the maximum price allowed.
  • When a gem is available, there are 8, 12 or 20 to purchase it.
  • Most gems are out of stock for days.
    Really, how hard is it to make it possible to buy legendary gems, in addition to the market, in the Blizzard store at an intermediate price between the minimum and the maximum???
    This would put an end to the exorbitant prices of gems and the serious problem we have of a lack of gems.
    What’s the point of playing and saving platinum if there are no gems to buy later???
    We have been without gems for 2 or 3 months and they do absolutely nothing to solve it.

You’re posting in the wrong forum; it is unlikely that the Diablo Immortal Community Managers will see your comments.

This forum here is for discussion on Diablo 1… the original Diablo.

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