No Keyboard and Mouse Support on Consoles!

Please people, I beg you all to band together and make a post, video, podcast or whatever else you can think of to ask Blizzard to make keyboard and mouse supported in console versions of Diablo 2 Resurrected… it has completely ruined the game. There is no way to chat with party members, trading will be dead in the water, skills like Teleport and Meteor will not work as they did in the original game, looting items is a chore now, and the control scheme is horrendous at best for things like inventory management and any menu. Thanks for listening! Enjoy your Sunday Afternoon!

Hey Edemer,

This forum is for feedback on the game launcher (“Desktop App Beta Feedback”), not any of the individual games.

For the D2R beta, you want the D2R Beta forums.
For non beta, you want the D2 forums or the D2R forums.