New to Blizzard APIs

Hello I’m new to using the blizzard API and I’m having trouble figuring out how to get the auction house data onto a google sheets spreadsheet. If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it.

You’ll have to implement some code to fetch data from the API using OAuth2 as the authentication method.

The 2nd sample code in this post is GScript and will let you automatically renew your access_token using the client_credentials flow.

You can modify the same sample to create more functions to fetch AH data, but I’m not sure if GScript can handle the huge payload returned by the AH endpoint (at least not very efficiently), you’ll probably have to write you own back-end server to break down the data before integrating with the spreadsheet.

It is a good idea to describe better what kind of data you have in mind so people can help you more.

I took a look at the sample codes, do I just insert my own ID, key, region, and the other areas? I’m actually just trying to get a spreadsheet where I can hit a script and get prices for various items such as pets and crafted items.

That sample is just for the authentication part. You still need to write your own code for fetching and breaking/filtering the data as you see fit for your needs.

There is no out of the box solution for importing the API json data to a spreadsheet, you’ll have to write your own code for that.

Ah ok, is there any guide on how I could do that somewhere on the blizzard site?