New season warzone reboots my PC

So I downloaded the new season of warzone and since its been installed I havent been able t play, I try this
-reinstall battle
reinstall WZ (wich took like +24h )
-update graphic drivers
-delete tons of files and apps

When I reinstalled WZ again after all weekend downloading I was able to play again for like an hour, and when I tryiend again it happen the same I click on the PLAY button on battle and then it says launching… playing now and when the little WZ window starts to load another window pops that says that last time It closed it was not correctly so I have to launch it in safe mode, I click yes and the Pc just shuts itslef down and goes back to the MB logo and restarts windows: I tried clickin no safe mode and the same happens, I’ve tried evertytinh I dont know what else to do Im so pissed please send help or something

I tried to open it again today and the battel said the game wasnt in my PC (WTF) so I hit the install button and it its doing it now, says its just 4.8 GB, I hope it solves the problem, will keep updated
UPDATE 2///////
Game has downloaded stuff twice today and still reboots my PC


Hello, I have the same problem you have, I played the game well before the update and after the update of season 3, my computer restarts when I try to open warzone. I have COD Cold war and it opens without problems. But when I try to open WZ the pc reboots.

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Could you solve the problem?

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Having the exact same problem
GPU - RX 5700 XT
CPU Ryzen 5 5600X
Audio RealTek

No anti-virus
No Citrix Workspace
drivers and windows up to date


GOD please no I bought in January

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@Barret Yeah! It’s at Blizzard’s end of their rope! :frowning:

Blizzard doesn’t make this game. Activision does. To get help with COD, you have to reach out to the correct company.

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@Nicole-1893 oh okay. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

Blizz took my dam money. They got a dog in the fight and should be concerned about the product they are putting out.


PLease read Nicole’s reply. Blizzard does not own COD! It’s Activision.

They’re not neglecting fans by not offering a support for a game they do not publish. Activision handles all CoD support. This info is pinned at the top of the forum for verification:

These types of grandstanding replies in the forum are not necessary, and do not work to resolve the issue at hand. If you have feedback for how Blizzard runs as a company, there is a more appropriate place to express that.

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It’s not a virus. COD is actually having multiple problems. I’m since April 21 without playing. As well, there were some updates that my game never got. Reinnstalled and never got them anyway, so I donn’t know what’s freaking happening.


EXACT same problem. Before the update, my PC would blackscreen restart while in the menus trying to find a game.
Now after the new season, it restarts when I launch from Blizzard. Blackscreen, restart, MB logo, try launching again, Blizzard can’t find the game, hit “install”, game is found, launch again, black screen…

GPU: RTX 3080 (driver up to date)
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X

ASUS X570 Mobo, Realtek audio driver, windows up to date, Watercooled…


Same here, havent played since new season…
Every time i press the play button, pc automaticly reboot.
Anyone got the solution to fix this?

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same problem here…

Same problem. I click play then I get a restart.
Same with black ops Cold War

Did u ever solve the issue?

hey, try this, it worked with my game:

I think the information makes you download things that are irrelevant to the game, causing it to Christ and not run. So if you tell blizzard to stop putting things in the games that are irrelevant to the game, like a football player who is. Relvanat to the game but called me irrevelant. You will have better games which will work.

Bought Mdern Warfare last week and having the same issue. Says its loading then playing now and then it just stops. Computer is well equipped for high performance. Any ideas how to fix this because I have tried everything