New Phone cant use authenticator

Hi! I bought a new phone and when I try to access the authenticator it has me login but it says I need to approve a code in the authenticator but I can’t access it because Im not logged in on this phone yet. I turned off using authenticator in my account but it still won’t let me into the authenticator. I 's there anyway to access the authenticator for the first time on a new phone? Thank you in advance for any help :slight_smile:

The Authenticator is now part of the Battlenet Desktop app. They changed that on January 5th.

Normally when migrating to a new phone you have to write down the Serial Number and Restore code from the first Authenticator on the old phone, the put that info into the App on the new phone. That moves YOUR authenticator over.

If you no longer have access to the old phone or app, you are going to have to get it removed by CS, then add the new one in the Bnet app.

Keep in mind when you put in a ticket they will ask you to verify you are the account holder. Often that comes as an email. DO NOT REPLY to the email. Open a new ticket, reference the first ticket number, then provide the info they ask for.

Once they remove the old one, you can add a new one on a new phone.

This also goes for the phone number. If you changed it, you may need CS help to put the new one on the account if you no longer have access to the old phone.

Thanks for the help! I really appreciated it. I didn’t know what to do next…was really lost. I’ll write a ticket. Thank You!!

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A tip for tickets. Keep it simple as possible with your wording. They don’t really need a huge story, they just need to know what you need help with :slight_smile:

If you need two things make those clear. For example.
I THINK this is what you said you need.

Because you don’t have access to your old phone you need help migrating to a new one. You need to:

  1. Remove old authenticator so that you can put on a new one. Note you have to put the new one on yourself, they can’t do that for you.
  2. Change phone number from X to Y.

Thanks for the help! I really appreciated it.