New Payment Option?

“Hm, how can we possibly alienate our player base in the latest round of updates? I know! Making game time even more inconvenient to buy!” <- Blizzard, apparently. Looking away from subscription based games destroying the gaming industry in general, and pushing us away from actually owning the content we buy, this is a terrible business decision. I was totally really to shell out the $15 to buy some game time, but to come back and see I can no longer buy it one month at a time? Miss me with that. This expansion hasn’t put out anything entertaining enough for me to commit to two months up front, and there was no reason to take away the 30/90/180 day options. Blizzard Entertainment? Yeah… no.

No, its more like you just dont know why they did it. But that doesnt mean theres no reason.

If SL isnt good enough for 2 months just start a 1 month sub and once it goes through cancel it. Voila one month of time.


now see… there in lies the issue… some people might not be able to pay for the 60 days for what ever reason… and having a one month subscription might also not be optimal… myself for example prefer to pay monthly as I have the cash spare to do so… I can’t be forced into making the subscription every time it lapses cause of unavailable funds… next thing ya know Blizz will come out with some sorta penalty cause of it… this will force me in some circumstances to purchase in game tokens with gold and cause that is low sell tokens to get gold then use it to buy a token, which is even more costly… maybe thats Blizzards intent???