New Payment Option?

“Hm, how can we possibly alienate our player base in the latest round of updates? I know! Making game time even more inconvenient to buy!” <- Blizzard, apparently. Looking away from subscription based games destroying the gaming industry in general, and pushing us away from actually owning the content we buy, this is a terrible business decision. I was totally really to shell out the $15 to buy some game time, but to come back and see I can no longer buy it one month at a time? Miss me with that. This expansion hasn’t put out anything entertaining enough for me to commit to two months up front, and there was no reason to take away the 30/90/180 day options. Blizzard Entertainment? Yeah… no.

No, its more like you just dont know why they did it. But that doesnt mean theres no reason.

If SL isnt good enough for 2 months just start a 1 month sub and once it goes through cancel it. Voila one month of time.


now see… there in lies the issue… some people might not be able to pay for the 60 days for what ever reason… and having a one month subscription might also not be optimal… myself for example prefer to pay monthly as I have the cash spare to do so… I can’t be forced into making the subscription every time it lapses cause of unavailable funds… next thing ya know Blizz will come out with some sorta penalty cause of it… this will force me in some circumstances to purchase in game tokens with gold and cause that is low sell tokens to get gold then use it to buy a token, which is even more costly… maybe thats Blizzards intent???

Yep, I’m a broke college student, and I don’t pay for time every month. I’m okay paying and only playing for half the month, but to have to pay up front and get slammed with something irl that keeps me from playing for 2 months? Total waste of money, and it happens more than you’d think. Hell, I only played a few days of my new sub before going on a 2 month hiatus, and coming back to this. It’s 100% a money grab and it’s so disappointing to see.

There no difference between buying the old 1 month game block every month, and buying then cancelling a monthly subscription every month. The same price same result. Buy it when you want, dont when you dont.

There is a difference. You have to add a card to buy a subscription and you don’t for gametime. Some marketing “specialist” weighed the backlash they’ll get from removing the gametime options against the profits of forcing people to buy subs and forget to renew and realized it’s a quick way to milk the players a bit more. You don’t know why they did it either but you’re quick to defend them for removing choice from players.


This is all because of having to put a card in?

Add that to…

… forgetting to renew would be the same thing as forgetting to buy another 1 month after it ran out. Not to mention that subs were always slightly cheaper then their game time equivalents. AND forgetting to renew would be less money going to Bliz, not more profit or miliking. Unless you meant forgetting to CANCEL… well avoid that by cancelling at the same time as setting up.

Your so determined to be upset about this that youve actually blocked out these realities just so that you can be mad. You’re really grasping for anything you can when out here in reality what you want can be achieved just like if was before… a slightly cheaper than before.

Yes, this is all because I have to put a card in. They removed payment options from consumers and I have a right to be mad when they make it less convenient for me to buy gametime.

Yeah, sorry, I meant forget to cancel. You’re mistaken about the price of gametime. I’ve always bought 1 month gametime and it was always the same price as a sub. The other gametime options like 90 and 180 also had the same discounts as subs.

Yeah, I would immediately cancel as I bought it as a sub, but a lot of people don’t know that you can do that. That’s why I think that was blizzard’s plan - force more people to buy subs, it shows up prettier in their subscriber numbers and a bunch of people forget to cancel a month or two.

I am determined to be upset about this, because I used to buy 1 month of gametime with my paypal and now I can’t. They removed this option and for what? The official statement was a load of bollocks and then ended with “We always aim to improve player experience” except their change worsened the player experience for anyone who had a reason to buy gametime.

The old game time prices and the subscription prices were indeed the exact same for their respective durations. However, over time the subscriptions are a tad cheaper because there are months where you’ll get 31 days instead of 30.

As for the reasons, not everything is intended to be publically known. Many times, changes are meant to mitigate exploitation, enhance security, etc, and giving out information could undermine those efforts. And so, “We always aim to improve player experience” does apply in those situations, even if it isn’t immediately obvious on the front end.

I’ve seen the speculation that the change was to funnel players into subs, and the conspiracy theory that it’s to milk more money via forgotten cancellations. Those are popular because finding any reason to be mad at companies is also popular. However, it’s just as reasonable that the change was a measure against exploitation. I’m not saying that is the case here, but for example…

Exploited accounts are often caught and closed down during the paid time. And now, it costs more for the cheating industry to lose accounts. Bliz could have changed to having only a 180 day option to really hit their pockes hard. However, that’s far too much of an impact on the legit players as well. So as a compromise, something in between gets chosen to hit the cheaters but not hit the legit players too hard. Hence the 60 days.

Dealing with security, stability, exploitation, integrity, etc is always a difficult balancing game of addressing issues without overly inconveniencing the legit customers.

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Blizzard stopped reporting sub numbers many years ago. Investors like to have comparable statistics between games and companies. Activision, King, and Blizzard are all under the stockholding giant Activision-Blizzard (ATVI) which is a holding company.

What they report is Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Those are unique players per game who logged in and played any time during that month for any reason. That allows them to compare free games, mobile games, and paid games for consumer engagement.

The one thing this was not about was sub numbers. However, they have not explained what it really IS about.

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I think if the true reason for doing this was trying to mess with cheaters and exploiters they’d have said so, because they’d probably get some brownie points for trying to do something about them. But they didn’t share their reason that’s why I find it more likely that it’s more related to money.

Ultimately doesn’t really matter, whatever reason they give, I’m still mad, and not because it’s “popular”, but because they’re removing payment options for the game and inconveniencing me and other players. Even if their aim was to mess with cheaters, I’d bet they inconvenienced more regular players than cheaters.

Generally speaking they prefer to not mess with regular players, even to stop fraud and cheating. I DO think that is a big part of what was going on. However, if it turns out that data shows more innocent were harmed than cheaters/fraud hurt they might change thing. OR they might bring back the 1 month payment option with further restrictions to prevent whatever fraud was going on. I know some of it had to do with people using lower $$ costs in one country while living in a different one to cheat on cost - and was largely used by botters/multiboxers.