New Patch Problems

I am having a very frustrating time. I downloaded the new patch and the game for me is unplayable. I log into my main and I am currently in Korthia, my character takes 3 steps and then the game freezes. It stutters slightly and then unfreezes, only to freeze again. I have waited for 30 minutes for it to unfreeze and I just have to manually shut down my computer to make it exit the game. When I log back into my computer, I get an error message that says “CommandLine Parse Error: psn_0_49164(0): Invalid arguement: psn_0_49164”. I don’t know what this means and have contacted Blizzard support and their suggestion was to uninstall WoW and reinstall it. So I uninstalled the BattleNet app and WoW from my computer and reinstalled it. I also followed all of the other suggestions like resetting my wifi and checking my PROXI etc etc. It’s annoying and frustrating because I thought it was my computer itself since I play on a`2019 MacBook (I know I know). But it doesn’t make sense because one of my friends has an identical computer to mine and he hasn’t had any problems. I know it is not my wifi because I have full connection and high speeds all the time. At this point I just want to give up because I can’t even play the new content and none of the help from Blizzard seems to actually help. I keep scanning and trying to repair any files but that doesn’t even seem to help. Anyone have any answers?