New Gear Store Is Terrible

This new gear store is total trash - I’m sorry but there is no other words to describe this new site except just that. Maybe people claimed that the old gear store had its “problems,” but I hardly see anything “better” with this new fanatics garbage.

The old gear store had WAY more advantages:
-better product advertising/details/pictures
-better product organization
-WAY better product selection (it’s as if this new store doesn’t add anything to their store anymore)
-The new stores product packing/shipping methods are complete trash according to many users reporting products arriving damaged due to poor packing.
-new stores “sales” are hardly “sales” when the sales don’t even apply to half of the products on the store.

The old gear store used to do the monthly art gallery and what… now they just suddenly stopped? What’s up with that? They screwed up the Illidan print in Oct when they oversold and provided prints to people who ordered it 2-3 after the initial wave and the original purchasers never got their prints… i mean who’s running the store??? A bunch of monkeys??

I am a huge collector and i will say this new gear store is the worst thing blizzard could have possibly done. I am extremely unhappy with fanatics and I’m not sure why blizzard chooses to continue with them.



I do agree with this post’s concerns. The new website is hard to get around, brought less functionality than the old one and is overall much more… “greedy”/“in your face” than before. I miss the design of the old Store. :frowning:

  • Several products are gone or partially available. (Ex: Searching for the Kul Tiras Tourist shirt only brings up the Female version)
  • There’s constant announcements about 20-30% sales since the Store was put online, but barely anything seem to be included in these sales.
  • The Blink Store of Blizzcon 2019 had several items that still aren’t on the Blizzard Gear Store. (Ex: The Funko Minis) That, coupled with how Virtual Ticket Holders not having an exclusive sale for special items still makes me feel disgruntled and wondering why I pay so much for the Virtual Ticket when I’m no longer having much of any advantages from previous years.
  • The Wishlist functionality of the old Store doesn’t exist on this new one.
  • Unless I missed it, there was no announcements that the old Store was retiring. I honestly thought the website had been hacked to display a different scam-like site at first.

I’ve spent hundred of dollars on the Gear Store over the years, but the lack of Blizzcon exclusive/early items and this new store makes it a pain to search for new items I’d like. I’m avoiding the Store instead of being excited for new things because of its design and the choices that were made to exclude Virtual Ticket Holders from Blizzcon-only items. Even for Black Friday, I skipped the sales because there was no new items and frankly speaking the aggressive email campaign got on my nerves. :confused:

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I completely agree, I’ve been a huge spender on Blizzard gear in the past. When they origionally swapped over to fanatics I thought ok, this might be good because I can purchase in AUD instead of USD which will be cheaper. Then Blizzcon came around, and not ONE SINGLE Blizzcon item was on the store. This really disappointed me, it was as if they just didnt care about their international fans. I spend hundreds of dollars on Blizzcon merch each year, so was pretty disappointing that I couldnt get any. By the time I realised we werent getting it at all, and tried using the US site all the stuff I wanted was sold out, so I just didnt get anything this year.
and now, the new plush toy. As a blizzard plushie collector (I have nearly all of them, excluding some exclusive blizzcon/other event ones) To hear that we wont be getting the new charity plush is just… disappointing.

and as far as Ordering through the new site, I have ordered something for my partner for Christmas, I have ALWAYS gotten a tracking number and it has ALWAYS been super fast every time I have ordered something (which is a lot admittedly haha) This time, Nope. I dont get a tracking number and I could be waiting up to 30 days to recieve it. Bring back FedEx they were amazing.
/rant over
The whole thing as a customer has really upset me, its like Blizz stopped caring about non NA fans

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Also there’s no real solution when fanatics damages collector edition boxes, but damageing products seems to be the norm for them…

I agree, the new store is atrocious. I’m glad I was able to get in at least one last order in October before they did away with the old store.

Besides the mark up they’ve done on items after switching stores, the holiday sales so far on the Fanatics store have been a JOKE. All they give you is a 20-30% off coupon. The old store had actual sales (50-75% off selected items).

I don’t get why Blizzard keeps trying to push Fanatics onto us. They started using Fanatics this year for the Overwatch League merchandise and there’s been tons of complaints on reddits with pictures of people’s shirts and jersey’s logos/text peeling off after just one wash.

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At 2021 Dec the store is still awful. There products they send out do not appear checked by anyone for quality and if you wish to return a faulty product your return options are the same process as change of mind and you will have to pay the shipping. Customer Service response to queries regarding this is to direct you to website information regarding returns which they refuse to provide a direct link to.

Do not support Blizzard Gear Store. The quality is lower than ever and the they do not take adequate responsibility for their products. Customer Service Representatives are evasive and are difficult to access (you encounter a stupid virtual assistant system that provides generic answers and limited options). If you wish to bypass it (at present) just give it instructions like ‘person please’ or ‘customer service attendant’ until upon failing to understand your request it redirects you to Customer Support.

I will not be using this store again until Blizzard resumes administration and responsibility for it.