New Desktop Launcher Feels Too "Busy"

Long time blizz customer (since mid 90s), haven’t been gaming for a couple years. Logged in to download WoW Classic and got the new desktop Blizz app.

It just feels too…busy. It feels very focused on news & announcements, with less focus on a nice clean view of my gaming library.

As for the integration of chat & groups into the app (no pop out)…okay…fine…but please give me a way to collapse that. Perhaps there is a way (I’m very new to the new launcher). I just haven’t found it yet.

The UI could be a bit more intuitive. Clicking on “All Games” twice works more like a toggle between whatever I made as a favorite, which takes some getting used to I suppose. Something feels odd about how I have to favorite a game to put in my toolbar at the top. Maybe I’m not doing well to explain there…

The previous Battle.Net\Blizzard Launcher app was, to me, perfection. This current evolution feels unneeded, or forced, in its current iteration.

When I launch the Battle.Net launcher I want to have something smooth, minimalistic, with the option to expand if I want to see things like friends\groups. This new launcher feels like it is vomiting up information at me on overload. It’s stressful to look at. When I get done working 12-16 hour days I want to launch in a chill way. Save the stress for the game I decide to play :wink:

Love Blizz, always have. I admit to being a bit of a fanboy for you guys & gals. Stay safe & healthy! Please rework the launcher to feel sleek & stealthy…rather than noisy and boisterous.


Yeah I feel like I’m using Facebook, there’s just too much stuff on my screen now


I actually quite like the launcher

Personally I’m shocked I don’t mind the new launcher but i hate the slow download speeds from the server. It’s stupid… before this crappy update, I was getting over 50Mbps + for downloading, tonight 7.02Mbps like what the actually feck dudes… seriously. I updated one of my other games like an hour ago from a different thing called steam and also epic, they downloaded within 5 minutes for 100GB game and the other on MS store that was 84 gigs and they where faster this then damn service to update cod, I started this an hour ago and its only now 67% complete.