New Desktop App Question

Am I supposed to uninstall and reinstall to get the new look or is it supposed to automatically update? I live in the U.S.

As per the article, the updates will be rolling out over time to the NA region, and other regions as well. You do not need to un-install. It will auto update when it is released to you. The most you will have to do is re-start the app.

I don’t have it yet either. If you want it now, you can switch to the Beta.

Oh ok so it’s a slower roll out than I had projected :smile:. Thanks!

so can someone explain to me why i dont have the new version? i have 2 computers and the one next to me got the option for the new version of the app and mine still hasnt let me do that

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I have the exact same issue if anyone can help that would be great

If they are two different Battlenet accounts, then the new version has been pushed to one of them but not to the other yet. See MisCheetah’s reply to the OP.

See MisCheetah’s reply to the OP.

How do I revert the Battle. net program to the original version. I do not like the layout of the new version and I wish to revert back to the previous rendition. I hope this is possible. If it is not, please make it possible via options in the settings. I REALLY REALLY don’t like the new layout.


If the new version has been pushed out to your account, there’s no way to go back. What you have is the currently official version.

Once it’s finished being rolled out, it will be the only version available.

I hate the new look of the Battlenet Desktop too and want to revert to the original version.

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At least give us the option to go back to the original version…

Please for the love of god let us go back to the original. its so cluttered and terrible. I hate this layout.

Where is the setting for getting rid of the “chat-bubble” effect in the private messages? The previous launcher had plain text on a nice dark background, this one introduces a third contrasting color and is painful to look at.

You addressed your post to me so I should clear something up. MVPs (greens) are other players who volunteer to provide info to fellow players. We don’t work for Blizzard any more than you do.

is there any way at all i can get the old launcher back! :frowning:

Hi :

Unfortunately, no.

See item # 2 of the [FAQs] New Battlenet Launcher App Feb – 2021 for more details on this new version of the Blizzard Battle.Net Desktop App.