New Battlenet layout sucks

I don’t like new layout.Blizzard I will hate you more if you won’t bring back old one.


With Bliz, unfortunately, in the same way that a new game version is the only version, there is no going back to an old version of the launcher.
[Edited to specifically refer to Bliz’s MO.]

But just like how many really didn’t like the first iteration of the launcher when it came out, I suspect people will climatize to the new one, just like the they did with the first.

Yeah, at some point you’ll get used to being punched in the face with 100 News every time you want to check who is online.


Or, rather than letting it punch you in the face, you can get used to not even seeing them. I haven’t paid attention to any of the adds for the eight years of the beta.

This took almost a decade to make – I am not sure what is a more appropriate reaction, to cry or to laugh. Regardless, I am unhappy to see where my money is going…


Understandably things need to be updated, but seriously, who designed this layout. It looks unprofessional and pixelated… Like the old facebook website. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


World of Warcraft Classic.
The Burning Crusade Classic.
Old School RuneScape.
Every version of Minecraft Java available for download through the official launcher.
Steam includes an option to return to the original 2004 layout (albeit, with the new darker theme).
Counterstrike versions from 1.3-1.5 all still playable.
The list goes on. The internet never forgets.

The only reason there is no way to go back to the old launcher layout is because Activision/Blizzard made a conscious decision to remove it/not allow it as an option. They could have chosen differently, but they didn’t.

Your response implies that the very act of releasing a new version itself is what makes it impossible to experience the previous version regardless of developer intent. This is plainly not true.


Oops. I meant to restrict that comment to Blizzard. I’ll fix it in the post.

As for WoW Classic and Classic TBC, those are official releases separate from their parent game so they don’t apply to the argument. For example, you can’t play vanilla WoW and TCB in the non-Classic client.

Actually you can, it just requires methods we’re not allowed to discuss here as none of said methods are official or completely legal.

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That’s solely what I was referring to: officially. :slight_smile:

I will grant you there is no official method to enjoy Vanilla or TBC outside of their respective “Classic” clients (one of which isn’t even publicly available yet), however World of Warcraft was not the only example I gave. Minecraft for instance includes every version of the game ever released through the official launcher by Mojang. It goes all the way back to the very first alpha that Notch ever made public. Counterstrike 1.3-1.5 are not only available for download, but fully playable as servers for those versions are still supported by the CS 1.6 master server. Servers for each version are kept separate to keep players from playing cross-version however. Steam does include an option to return to the original 2004 layout, without all the extra fluff in the modern layout.


My point is, any decision to not allow a previous version to remain available is a decision and not some unintentional side effect of updating to a new version.

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But you’re not wrong. It’s definitely how Bliz chooses to do things. That’s all I was getting at in my initial reply.

I don’t like new layout. Blizzard I will hate you more if you won’t bring back old one.


It’s terrible and everytime I switch games it pops up some video of whatever garbage they’re shoveling now with no option to stop it from showing again.

Good way to take a dump, do they think people won’t stop using / buying their products over terrible marketing tactics like that? They’re in for a surprise.


It might possibly have an impact if enough of us gave Blizzard direct feedback through the option to do so in the desktop app itself. In the forums, it’s a bit like blowing in the wind.

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I hate the new layout as well. SO COUNTERINTUITIVE! I hate that im being forced to see my friend list.
Why cant we switch between layouts ???
Coz it takes manpower to creat such button ? THEN WHY DA FAQ DID U MAKE THE NEW CRAP ONE!


blizzard most likely is preparing a new application without ads for an additional charge of course, just like youtube.disgusting


The group layout is so clunky now, argghhh not very user friendly, also people not realising you have to click on the groups icon to see the groups lol (they say I can’t see the group lol), the previous layout was much better for groups because you could see the groups you are a member of on the left hand side of the screen without having to click on an icon. Discord has the servers you belong to running down the left hand side of the screen, maybe blizzard could think of something so its easy to see the groups you belong to


Where’s the feedback option on the app?


Gamers just want the app to be better. So, instead of wanting blizzard to do anything for there consumers, You want people to be like you and just pretend the app doesn’t have ad’s? If people like the game they will deal with the new app of course. It doesn’t mean they have to like it. The app functioned better overall before they changed it.