Network conditions stop us frm load yr personalized content

Network conditions stopped us from loading your personalized content

I saw that warning message appear near the top of my app news feed. What does that mean to me the player? Will this cause any disruption to my game or game updates?

Can Blizzard please consider putting in more details to their error messages in the app, in the game etc. to reassure the player? As it is now, I do not know if this network issue which seem to be on Blizzard’s end be a temporary issue and it will go away on its own, or not. Is the (less than ideal) Blizzard network conditions be a matter of concern to me or not?


same problem here cant start the game

Yes, I have the same problem. Happened this morning after I changed to a new modem.

This happened to me last night and I had problems playing Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Modern Warfare
I don’t know, maybe it is because of my situation in Iran


anyone have any idea about this one i havent changed anything just came up on the launcher?

Nope. This just happened to me as well and I can’t load the game

I am getting the same issue, and not able to preload WZ2 as well.

28 November here, and I am also getting this message. Cannot load into the game. I am just about fed up with this nonsense. Spent 20 minutes this morning trying everything I know to get this right. But no avail. As a subscriber, this is unacceptable. I just started playing WOW again last month after a 4 year hiatus. And I see NOTHING has changed with their crappy launch service. I miss the days of launching the game right from the game itself, and NOT a broken Blizzard launch app!
if this continues, I will not be renewing my sub. Nothing worse than trying to play a game you have paid for.

how to fixx this isue

I recently started having this issue, can not load up Warzone. The laucher starts up really slow too. Did not change a thing within my setup.

I have the same exact issue

I log in to app on administrator mode and seems to fix it

I found the solution! Make sure your network is on private and turn off your firewall!


I’ve made sure network was private and also turned off firewall (even though was already allowed through firewall). It solved personalized content loading but I still couldn’t get into my games

I would also like an answer or proper solution to this. Getting sick of wanting patch notes to be on top, or new events at WoW or Hearthstone launcher.