Ner'zul: The most tragic character

Apologies for writing this in Warcraft 2 general discussion, I simply didn’t find a suitable place. Admins feel free to correct the place.

I have been looking everywhere and I think no one else has been discussing this before, so I wanted to share my opinion. I think Ner’zul is the character that suffered the most of every other wow character ever. He is the most misunderstand having great potential on several times during his life. I will go in a bit of a story specific to him in order to back up my claims.

He was a proud and powerful amazing shaman and a chieftain of a clan. But once kil’jaeden corrupted the way shamans communicate with the elementals he fell into despair. He was the perfect puppet for Gul’dan once of the most powerful clan chieftain to unite orcs into the horde. At first that worked clans were gathering under his banner, but then Ner’zul fell into despair after he could feel the elementals communicating with him more and more.

Even so he went to the throne of elementals and his powerful magic was able to tier the cornuted veil that Kil’jaeden has arisen between shamans and elementals. What he saw would make him scarred for many years. At that time he became powerless and depressed and served as the trash that the shadow council would bully and ridicule.

I will skip a lot of the story and brief the rest as it’s late here and I’m getting tired, may fill in the gaps later. Later he tried to have the horde escape to a better world instead shattering Draenor and forever destroying what was once a promising land. He escape only to be taken hostages and subjected to unimaginable torture by the legion and then serve them as Lich king. This is where I Think he displays the most cunning in order to break himself of the legion chain and his tory comes to his peaceful deserved rest when Arthas becomes the Lich king.

Do you guys agree or this is an unpopular opinion?

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